Nuova gapa

New Gapa was founded in 1980 as a mechanical workshop and still operating in the industrial engineering sector is commited in operations such as turning, milling, metal precision work and producing small and medium series of metal parts.
Having actually 24 CNC lathes of the latest generation, for over 30 years we use our technology in the production of components for shock absorbers for heavy industrial vehicles and railway applications.
The technical knowledge we accumulated during all these Year while engaged in the construction of the components, has allowed us to improve our product range with a complete and finalized product.
This is the way we created our Shock Absorber under our own brand called “NGA”, which stands for: NUOVA GAPA ABSORBERS.
Our brand produce hydraulic shock absorbers for BUS, TRUCKS, TRAILERS, COMMERCIAL VEHICLES, AGRICULTURAL VEHICLES, RAILWAY APPLICATIONS and different other special applications dedicated to the Italian and Foreign Markets.

Our company

Our experience permit us to declare openly that NGA respect a perfect quality/price ratio that meet and respects the needs of our partners and this permit to considerate ourselves an excellent national and international partner, which offer a really MADE IN ITALY product at a very competitive price level .
The individual components of the NGA Shock Absorber are completely manufactured in our workshops in Italy and this allow us to offer a High Quality product, which follow the highest European Quality Standards.
Our products and every single component is manufactured according to the directives of the European UNI EN -ISO 9000-2008 certification.